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About us

Our company

Japanese company, created in 2010 and based in Fukuoka, southwest of Japan on the island of Kyushu.

It started as a Japanese company Akazuki, Ltd., Co. created in 2010 and specialized in online shopping towards individuals from Japan. We created in June 2018 the SARL SHIROTSUKI to bec loser to our business customers. We promise to deliver to you :

  • High Quality Products
  • Unmatched Customer Service
  • Best Prices on the Market

Our team


Between France, EU and Japan

Located both in France and Japan, we are therefore as close as possible to our suppliers in Japan and our customers in France and Europe. This allows us to guarantee the lowest prices, a wide and quality offer and above all a close and quality customer service.


We have stock in France which allows you to be delivered quickly but with a limited product catalog. Thanks to partnerships with our suppliers in Japan, we also have a wide range of diverse and varied products, which are not always available in France. On the other hand, the delivery times will be longer (allow about 2 months by boat).

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